Bully Pulpit is the publishing imprint of Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy. In general, Jason has taken point on game design duties, while Steve has handled the publishing side and tried to keep Jason in line, though there are rumors that one of Steve's games may eventually see the light of day. They are well known for a string of games that have been major commercial successes, major contributions to the medium of RPGs, or both. In addition, Jason is incorrigible and ceaseless when it comes to evocative historical details, so many of Bully Pulpit's games lean towards historical settings where that can have full expression.

Notable games include a horrifying period satire of academia, The Shab Al-Hiri Roach; a gut-punching exploration of child soldiers in WWII Poland, Grey Ranks; the Cohen Brothers tribute FiascoDurance, about an Australia-inspired prison colony in space; Night Witches, exploring the courage and challenges of Russian women bomber pilots in WWII; and Juggernaut, about a 1950s computer that can accurately tell the future. Their work is of a very high quality, while nearly always being innovative in structure and content, so it's no surprise they they are a multi-time winner of the prestigious Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

Steve is someone I can always go to for helpful and expert advice on the complex and rapidly changing environment of indie RPG publishing. The way that Bully Pulpit runs their business is an inspiration and model for many other indie publishers. I'm also lucky enough to have a very productive give-and-take creative relationship with Jason, where we often exchange early drafts of games, particularly those in the freeform and larp space. Bully Pulpit is based in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, where I grew up, though we have hardly ever crossed paths there.