Elektra Before the Throne


Here’s the complete text of this game:

This is a game for exactly three players. It can be played as a live-action game (standing up, acting it out, using slow-motion for fights) or as a tabletop roleplaying game (sitting down, describing the things that the characters do).

  • Elektra, the warrior-princess of Argos, now stands before the throne, sword in hand.

  • On the throne sits Hades, the lord of death. Hades is immortal, but the mortal form he wears can be killed, temporarily banishing him to the underworld.

  • On Hades’ right hand stands the undead shell of Elektra’s father, Agamemnon, who was slain by her mother for many crimes. He is animated by Hades’ power and his breath sounds ragged through his Death Mask.

how this will go down

ELEKTRA has come to stop Hades. She can kill her beloved undead father in combat—if she has to—but that will make her a true servant of death and therefore of Hades. In the distance, Hades’ armies of the dead are sacking the city of Argos. This can be halted by (a) killing Hades’ mortal form, banishing him; (b) Hades deciding to spare Elektra’s homeland; or (c) something else?

HADES wants Elektra as a trophy, for her to serve him. He would prefer to goad her into killing her father or into joining them of her own free will, but—if that fails—he can also kill Elektra slowly and painfully with his soul powers. Even in his mortal form, Hades cannot normally be slain by the living, only by unnatural means. He has authority over Agamemnon—by manipulating his soul—but cannot control the king’s every action.

AGAMEMNON is no longer fully himself, with Hades able to manipulate his soul. He views Hades as his lord and wants Elektra to join them in their righteous cause. He thinks he can kill Elektra in combat (he’s wrong) and doesn’t appreciate the monster that he’s become. Being undead, he can kill Hades, but will die moments afterward, no longer sustained by the god’s power.

What happens next is up to you. You only have 20 minutes until Argos is destroyed.


This game was written by J. Walton with art by Nate Marcel. It’s inspired by a conversation with Gray Pawn and by patriarchal dynamics. Originally written for the 200 Word game jam and released on Star Wars Day (May 4th).