The Indie Mixtape Megamix (2015) is a compilation of the first three volumes of the Indie Mixtape zine series, including 30+ different short games inspired by some of our favorite songs.

All proceeds benefit members of the indie games community who are dealing with steep medical bills or other challenges.

The contributors represent a mixture of veteran and up-and-coming indie game designers, including:

Tobie Abad, Vivian Abraham, Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little, Meera Barry, Orion Canning, Nick Golding, Liz Gorinsky, Graypawn, GremlinLegions, Lisa and Christian Griffen, Josh T. Jordan, Hannah Madrone, Kira Magrann, Marc Majcher, Jason Morningstar, Brad Murray, Eric Nieudan, Dylan Nix, Ryan Ó Laoithe, Noam Rosen, Brie Sheldon, Scott Slomiany, Tayler Stokes, Jackson Tegu, Moyra Turkington, J.Walton, Nick Wedig, Christopher Weeks, Sara Williamson, and Nicole Winchester.