Restless is a forthcoming card game for 3-8 players about a group of survivors being chased by a tireless, unyielding undead menace.

Different stages of the game are structured by cards called “verses,” each of which describes how to play out a particular type of iconic scene, drawing on post-apocalyptic and horror films. By the end of every verse card, one or more of the survivors will have been killed or absorbed by the Restless. Each verse card takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the contents of the specific card and the overall speed of play.

The cast of characters in the game is constantly rotating, as individual survivors are lost and newcomers join the traveling group. Players who are not currently playing a survivor are called “desolators” and are asked specific questions by the verse cards that help flesh out the flavor of the world, the challenges facing the survivors, and the nature and actions of the Restless.

The length of play is open-ended, lasting as long as players want to continue drawing verse cards. You can keep running, but the Restless are always behind you. 

Forthcoming. Beta draft available on request.