Seasonally Affected (forthcoming) is an anthology of short games about the winter holiday season, edited by Marshall Miller and J. Walton.

CALL FOR GAMES (released 12/13/2015)

The winter holiday season is a time of tradition, expectations, and obligations -- a time for joy, magic, nostalgia, awkwardness, appropriation, suffering, family issues, gift-giving, freezing cold, loneliness, depression, sexuality, religion, music, singing, extended darkness, commercialism, ritual, feasting, starvation, folk traditions, storytelling, lights, TV and movies, travel delays, poverty, indulgence, and so on. It's a very potent time of the year, for a whole host of reasons.

Marshall Miller and J. Walton are currently accepting submissions of short game drafts (1-10 pages) about any and all aspects of the winter holiday season for an anthology to be published prior to Winter 2016 in print and electronic formats. We are excited for you to show us some of the things that the holidays mean for you: good, bad, and complicated.

Creators will retain all rights to their submitted work, aside from permission to include the final version of their games in this anthology. Profits will be evenly split among all contributors for the first full year of sales, paid roughly quarterly, after which time the subsequent profits will accrue to just the organizers. Contributors and organizers may also choose to forgo their cut and have it donated to a charity of their choice. All contributors will also receive a print copy of the anthology.

Initial drafts are due by January 31st (email to "jaywalt" at Google's mail service) and, following an initial editorial review, will be sent through a process of peer review and peer playtesting at the hands of experienced players and fellow game designers, arranged by the editors. Contributors should be prepared to engage in this process of cooperation and revision, and potentially (if needed) to assist in productively critiquing the work of fellow contributors. Final editorial decisions rest with the organizers, though contributors can always decide not to move forward as part of the anthology if an agreement cannot be reached.

Players who are interested in helping with the peer review process should contact the organizers. No game design background is needed; just a love of (sometimes weird) independent games. Reviewers and playtest organizers will receive a PDF copy of the anthology and will be able to purchase a print copy at cost, while all playtest participants will receive a PDF copy.

Marshall Miller is a Boston-based researcher and game designer. His games include Nanoworld and The Warren.

J. Walton is a scholar, game designer, and PhD student based in San Diego. He is the editor of the Indie Mixtape anthology.